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About Drain Cleaners

There are many different ways to unclog a drain but one thing remains constant: opening a tough drain often requires heavy-duty products, and tough equipment. It is always recommended to have a plumber unclog your drains with professional equipment. Often in major cities like New York, renters are mandated to hire a plumber instead of doing self-work on their apartment. Below is a list of tools and products that plumbers in NYC use to help clear blockages and pipes.

Many professional plumbing services use hydro-mechanical devices to break up accumulations of material within pipes.  The vast majority of most household clogs occur within the smallest diameter of piping. This area of piping, often known as the pop-up drain tape, is typically found closer to the drain.  Hydro mechanical drain cleaners are excellent at removing blockages from this area.  Hydro mechanical devices are some of the most environmentally friendly ways to unclog a pipe because they only use tap water to dislodge any accumulations such as hair, food, grease, or soap build-ups.  Many devices have speed settings, and can be set to hot or cold-water temperatures, which allows them to precisely extricate different types of clogs. The main problem with hydro mechanical drain cleaners is that they lack the ability to reach clogs deep within the plumbing system.  The high water pressure only attacks a shallow depth of piping, and also can cause harm to the human body if directly exposed to the skin.  Because such an inherent risk, it is important to hire a plumber in NYC to properly control the device.

Another tool that cleans drains is the popular, electric drain cleaner. Known as a snake, the electric drain cleaner is often the number one tool that a plumber uses on a daily basis. The snake is one of the most versatile plumbing tools that can unclog toilets, sinks, drains, tubs, and showers, no matter the depth of the pipe. In addition to their versatility, snakes are extremely powerful and have the ability to remove extremely large and heavy clogs within the pipes such as tree roots, jewelry, and mineral deposits.  A drawback of an electric snake is that is extremely energy and cost intensive to run. Also, the machinery is extremely heavy and requires a great deal of effort to both transport and operate.  Safety equipment and protective eyewear must be worn at all times when operating an electric drain cleaner.  Plumbers are trained to carefully control the snake cable in order to limit any unnecessary injuries.

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